Maintaining intimacy in a long distance interracial dating relation

Being in a long distance interracial dating relation is not everybody’s cup of tea. Still you will find a lot of couples that have been into long distance interracial relationship with success. Apart from love for each other these couples do make a few extra efforts to keep the relationship intact. Intimacy is something that lacks in these long distance interracial dating relations. To keep the intimacy alive with your partner you need to go that extra mile. The effort to keep the relationship alive and happening rests with both the partners since a relationship is a two way process. Keeping intimacy and love alive and intact is not a tough task although.

interracial loveVisiting your partner in an interracial dating relation is important

Visiting your partner often will keep the intimacy alive. You may be living at a distance from each other due to your work, college or other family obligations still it is important to visit your dating partner whenever you get time. Scheduling your work and love life is in your hands and prioritizing your date is important for intimacy and keeping the relationship alive. Plan ahead and make sure your partner is free when you are visiting and vice versa. An element of surprise once or twice will surely make sparks fly. If your visit is short, try and make the most out of it.

Communication is key in a long distance interracial dating relation

Take time to talk to each other means you care for your partner. Talk as frequently as you can. Don’t worry about the content of the conversation since the conversation is going to shape up itself. Make sure to video chat whenever you have the option, time and chance. Exchange texts and photographs with each other. Any visual contact you have with your date is going to ensure that you remain close at least virtually till the time you meet in person.

Do things together even when far apart

Although it may sound a bit absurd but it works wonderfully. Time your meals in such a way that you can have them together at different places. Exchange photos of food you are having. Watch movies or games together and set up a call at that time so that you are together virtually and enjoy each other’s company. In case you are visiting a new place alone set up a video call with your date to enjoy each other’s company at a new place.

Gifts mean I care

Presents even the small ones have a clear cut message that you care for your date. It is important to exchange presents on major occasions like birthdays and Christmas however small gifts without any reason received in the mail always get butterflies into the stomach of the receiver. Anything you gift needs to be accompanied with a message that communicates your feelings along with the gift you are presenting to your interracial date. While receiving a gift or gifting something do not for the monetary value of the present instead focus on the feelings and the message you are putting across or reciving from your date.


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