Why Some People Are Afraid of Interracial Dating

interracial couple in boat

Interracial dating is not as taboo as it was decades ago. We now have actors, models and musicians and high profile persons of mixed race in top positions. A great percentage of people mix and mingle with others of differing races without second thought while others remain on the other side of the fence. These people on the other side of the fence remain there out of fear. They are afraid to profess and embrace their interest in dating interracially. Some of the reasons people are afraid to date interracially are below.

1. Fear of familial reaction- Some people come from families were racism is a tradition. Negative views of other races are passed on generation to generation and young children are taught which people are acceptable to bring home and which people are not. In families were racist views are tradition; children are forced to repress their attraction for others outside of their race for fear of being ostracized from family.

2. They are unfamiliar with other race and not sure how to approach- Some people are just not sure how to approach someone of a different race. It is true that each race of people has its own culture and therefore live and act differently. Someone who lives outside of that culture may feel a bit clueless as to how to approach a certain individual of that culture. This uncertainty may restrain the individual from ever fulfilling their desire of dating outside of their race.

3. They are afraid of confrontation with others- Interracial dating is still not accepted by all. Some people get hackled and threatened just for dating outside of their race. Everyday life becomes a bigger problem and the couple can not peacefully enjoy their day. This type of lifestyle is very stressful and some people find that it is easier to live without the stress despite their heart’s longing.

4. They do not want to continuously justify their relationship- In homes and towns where interracial dating is rare, a person interested in interracial dating may get constantly hounded by friends and family. Friends and family will continue to ask and wonder why the person has decided to date outside of his/her race. The person will find him/herself having to continuously justify his attraction and relationship. This can become tiring and so many people choose to avoid it.

5. They do not want to ostracize themselves from community- Some people who hold powerful positions in their community value the support of their community. These people fear becoming alienated from their community because of their choice of partner. They are concerned about their image and do not want to be viewed as “sell outs” and so will hide their true attraction to the other race.

6. They have received threats from their family- Families who strongly disapprove of interracial dating may threaten their children with physical harm and alienation to scare them from dating outside of their race. This is especially true for families who believe in the custom of arranged marriages. These families believe in preserving their familial looks, customs, and beliefs. Children are placed in front of a barrier in which they have to choose family over love and in some cases they do not get to choose the latter because their family members of friends confront them with death.