Southwest USA vacation destinations for you and your man

Southwest USA vacation destinations for you and your man

There are some great southwest vacation destinations in the United States of America that couples can visit and have the time of their lives. Planning for a vacation can be hard if you have no idea where to go. You might know what you want to experience from your vacation. Question is: Where do you find what excites you?

Well, read on to find out some of the great Southwest holiday destinations and reasons why you will love them.

Fun Southwest USA vacation destinations

San Diego

One thing that makes San Diego one of the best southwest vacation destinations is the weather. It is the best all year round. There are lots of beaches where you can go and take a walk, take a dip or get your tan on. There are also quite a number of outdoor recreational activities that you and your special someone can enjoy. Tourists love visiting this holiday destination. If you love warm weather activities, this is the place to visit.

Los Angeles


When we talk about LA, the first thing that comes to mind is Hollywood. If the arts are your kind of thing, then you can visit places like the Universal Studios, the Warner Bros Studios… the list is endless. And if you are the kind of couple that loves beaches, you are still covered. LA has the Santa Monica beach, Malibu beach, Manhattan beach and many more.


This is one of the fun cities to visit. There is always something that will excite you, surprise you, and inspire you. The other place you can have lots of fun is Disneyland. Anaheim is the city of Disney. You can also visit the Orange County beaches and have yourself lots of fun.

Las Vegas, the most fun-packed southwest vacation destinations

partying in vegas

Vegas! Need I say more. Gambling, great restaurants and, nightclubs! There is a reason they call this place the ‘Sin City’. If you as a couple can handle the craziness that Vegas brings, then why not! Just make sure you don’t get too drunk and realize you got married when you had no plans to.

Are you and your interracial partner compatible

Are you and your interracial partner compatible
compatible partner

As a teenager, most of us will prioritize looks over compatibility but as soon as we grow up, we realize the importance of compatibility. But how are you going to scale the level of compatibility? Out tips are going to help you find the compatibility level with your interracial partner.

Do you feel comfortable or anxious while talking?

Pay attention to your level of anxiety and stress, you can tell a lot about compatibility. You feel more comfortable and relaxed when you meet the most compatible partner, communication will go with the rhythm.
Still not sure how to decide that? Let’s remind yourself the way you spend time with your best friend, do you feel anxious or do you need to be diplomatically correct with them? No, right? You will get the same feeling when you meed your compatible partner.

Are you both on the same page?

Things get really different when you meet your soul mate, you just need to pay attention to the things. Higher compatibility will make your stay on the same page, your thoughts will match, you both understand each other’s jokes pretty easily, you are able to read the body language easily.
Many people confuse love with infatuation, you can get attracted to someone’s beauty for a short period but finding someone with a similar level of compatibility is rare.

Are you talking about the same things?

Whether it’s your hobbies or lifestyle, you guys are pretty compatible with each other. When you find a person who is talking about the same things.
Talking about the same thing also ensures that you are never going to fall bored with the talks. if you find a person with whom you can discuss a Movie or CrossFit routine for a straight 45-minutes, don’t let that person go.

Do you get a sense of humour

We all have experienced a date where we don’t actually understand the sense of humor of person we are going on a date with, and somehow you struggle to understand the person.
Everyone has a different level of humor, but finding someone who can understand your sense of humor is something special.

Are you enjoying spending time together?

Whether its sense of humor or being able to be on the same page, are you able to experience the best communication of your life? If yes, that’s because of high compatibility levels.

I love my best friend – what should I do?

I love my best friend – what should I do?

I love my best friend

Most of the people are not sure about whether their feeling for their best friend is a good thing or bad, while some just panic with the thought of ruining the friendship because of their feeling.

Developing the feeling for a best friend is common, you have been together since years and talking to each other and sharing things on daily basis.

So now you have developed the feeling of love for your best friend, let’s discuss things to do next:

Make sure you are really in love

The biggest mistake that many youngsters do it they confuse their affection and loneliness with love. You are relying on your best friend for many things and maybe you are feeling a sexual spark, but you need to understand whether you are attracted to them on the psychological and emotional level as well?

Pick the right moment

We understand that you are getting an urge to express your feelings but stop! Picking the right time is very important to improve your success rate.

If they are dating someone then it would be unfair to sabotage their relationship and chances of getting ‘yes’ also gets low.

If your friend is going through a stressful situation that might be because of career or family, you should restrain your self from expressing your feeling.  

I love my best friend

Let them know about your feeling

Letting them know about your feeling in the right way is most essential. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t just spill the beans in the middle of the conversation. Wait for the right moment to come.
  • Hint them before you express, this will allow them to stay prepared mentally.
  • Don’t use the word ‘Love’, they might panic, Instead, start with ‘I am beginning to like you as more than a friend’ this statement will allow them the space to react.

Don’t hurry up.

As soon as you feel the desire to propose your best friend, don’t try to rush into a romantic relationship. Always let things happen at a gradual pace. You have been in a friendly relationship for years but you are new to the committed relationship and you both should give yourself some time to get into a serious and romantic relationship.

Where are you supposed to find your interracial partner?

Where are you supposed to find your interracial partner?

find interracial

No matter how open society got towards interracial relationships it is still difficult to find an interracial partner.

Why it’s difficult to find an interracial partner?

  • Because there are people who don’t want to indulge themselves in a random interracial relationship.
  • It’s hard to meet and talk to people from other community.
  • Negative stereotype
  • Open hostility and intimidation
  • Family disapprovals.


Right places to find your interracial partner:

There are places where the probability of finding in an interracial partner is quite high, let’s talk about some of those places.


Nightclubs are the best place to approach your interracial partner, if you are looking for an Afro American partner then make sure you make a visit to the club who feature good hip-hop and rap music on the floor.

Social gathering

Social gather is another great way to connect with different people, start attending different events like music concerts, marriages, pool parties, etc. who knows you might find your interracial love in a random party.

find interracial

Dating websites

Online dating websites are the surest way to find your interracial love. If you are an introvert who is not good at approaching anyone then you should definitely opt for this solution.

Dating websites help you connect with thousands of people who are looking to find the best partner for themselves, people registered on dating websites are more open towards casual dates.

These days there are multiple specialty dating sites in the market, specialty dating websites are created to satisfy some particular needs. The greatest benefit of these specialty websites are you connect with people who fulfill your criteria, you can join a dating website who is specialized in interracial relationships, gay relationships, lesbian relationships and there are also dating websites where you can meet Asians, Africans, Latinos, Australians, Hispanics, etc.

Ending note: interracial relationships are never going to be easy, there are going to be many psychological and mental barriers that you will be required to overcome in order to have the successful relationships. Although its quite difficult to stay in mixed race relationships but there are many things that you are surely going to learn throughout your journey.


Biracial Celebrity Couples That Are Madly In Love In 2018

Biracial Celebrity Couples That Are Madly In Love In 2018

Biracial relationships are common these days, we can see the biracial couple hanging around almost everywhere but some people are still stuck to their conservative mentality of dating a person within the cast, let’s talk about some of the famous biracial celebrity couples who look adorable together, their celebrities are playing a crucial role in changing society’s mindset.

George and Amal Clooney

Frankly speaking, they are my personal favorite, George who has been a most eligible bachelor for many years got married to Amal.  George had a European descendant and she is a Lebanese. Amal is a human right lawyer and George have played an important part in bringing attention to crises at Darfur. They had many things in common other than their race.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs

Unfortunately, this couple has been in limelight due to different reasons; FKA Twigs has dealt with much hatred and threats on all kind of social media for dating a white actor Robert Pattinson. FKA Twigs is a white, Jamaican and Spanish descent. While FKA Twigs admits that harsh trolling has always been difficult to deal with but Pattinson has always supported her to stay positive about the relation. Pattinson also named trollers as “demons who live in basements”.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Almost every interracial celebrity couple has faces backslash and this couple was no different, Kim Kardashian whose father was an Armenian and mother is white married Married a back pop-star Kanye West. Kim has always been in limelight because of her reality show image followed by her constant affairs and her leaked private video, her love for black guys can always be seen but she always did what she liked instead of caring about derogatory comments made on her.

Ending note:

Interracial relationships have always been a beautiful part of the entertainment industries and these celebrities never let the race of their partner come in between their love.

How to boost your relationship when things start to turn stale

How to boost your relationship when things start to turn stale

Want to revive your stale relationship? Many people in relationships usually reach a point where the chemistry vanishes. Now, this is usually because of getting comfortable. This is someone you have been with for a while then the heat that you had just fades away slowly until its no longer there. The mystery is gone.

How do you revive such a relationship?

As a couple, you need to find things to do during their relationships that will bring excitement. This is the only way that you can make the relationship come back to life. Below are a few things you could try out.

Do something active together

indoor rock climbingAsk yourselves, what is it that you used to do together that made your lives exciting when you met? Revisit those things. If you loved dancing then go dancing. Alternatively, try something new. For instance, you could choose to try out indoor rock climbing or hiking. Do things that will bring you two closer together. Don’t let the fire die out completely. Revive it while you still can.

Spice things up in the bedroom if you feel you have a stale relationship

Try new things. Take it up a notch. Apparently, role-playing usually works. Why not meet up at a bar at different times and let the dude court you afresh? Behave like strangers. Like you are meeting up for the first time.  Will he be able to convince you the second time around? If he manages, then you will have that exhilarating feeling you had when you met.

Play games. Use toys. Try anal sex. Watch porn together and act out what the actors are doing. Some liquid courage might come in handy. Take advantage of that.

Going on a holiday

People think of holidays as something that is expensive. However, this doesn’t need to be so. Even a night out at a motel that isn’t your normal environment you are used to will spice up a  stale relationship. You don’t need to break the bank. Just get out of your comfort zones and go have some fun. Trust me, you owe it to your relationship to just try.


Can love survive a long distance relationship

Can love survive a long distance relationship

Can a couple survive long distance love? Is it possible for a couple living on different continents or states make the relationship work?

In this age of online dating, anything is possible. Online connections are happening day in day out. And with such connections via the internet, you can’t really help or control the person who you click with.

There are so many couples who met online from different states and continents. They formed an online connection. Made an effort to meet each other eventually. And I believe once a couple makes an online connection, the offline bit is probably much easier. All that it takes is a commitment towards the relationship.

Then there are those who just got separated by work. Now in most cases, these couples are in committed relationships. So it’s not something you just bail on. They have to work at it.

What it takes for long distance love to work

The most important ingredient is love. A couple needs to be totally in love for it to last. Being faithful is very important. And I believe if you love someone, you will love them enough to remain faithful to them.

Communication is key. You need to be in constant communication with your spouse if you are to make it. Communication has a way of binding people together. Talk to each other every day and find out how the other person is doing. Share stories about how your day has been. Luckily, with all this technology, one can facetime or skype. So you can see your spouse and even if there is no touch, the connection will be maintained.

Another way to ensure long distance love works is making a concentrated effort to take turns to travel to each other. If this is left to just one person, they might start feeling like the other person is not putting in the work. Another way to be fair is to meet somewhere in between. You can always plan a holiday for yourselves. It doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Just the fact that you will be together will make it all worth the while.


Things to keep in mind when you are considering moving in together

Things to keep in mind when you are considering moving in together

Most couples at some point usually consider moving in together. Whether its after the wedding or it’s a come we stay affair, there are so many things to put into consideration.

One thing is, life isn’t going to be the same. You were an independent being then now its time to become co-dependent. Its a new chapter you are beginning. Its a big step too.

Disagreements are going to arise. Some will even be as petty as arguing over furniture and decor.

Now compromise is one of the virtues you need to nurture. Because without it, you might not be able to agree on anything or make important decisions as a couple. Well here are some of the factors that an interracial couple needs to consider before the big move.

1. Is the timing right for moving in together?

Timing is everything. So you don’t feel rushed by your partner to move in. You need to be ready as this is a major step. Both of you need to be prepared for this big move. Talk about it and make sure that both of you are in the same place.

2. Where will you live?

Now as a couple, you need to discuss who is moving in where. It usually pays off to look for a place that is neutral. Getting a new place together is the best option. Go view houses together. Things like proximity to work places will have to be discussed while making this decision. Sacrifices will have to be made.

3. Furniture and decor

couple arranging furniture

Whether you like it or not, this brings up a lot of disagreements especially if both of you had your own places. You will have to make tough decisions about what you keeping and what you will have to give up. Compromise is key.

4. Money issues

Now that you are moving in together, discuss how you are going to handle your finances. Who will pay what bills? Will you be pulling your money together? This is a very sensitive subject and it needs not be ignored when moving in together. Make sure you discuss this before hand.

Remember, so long as you openly talk about things, the move should be smooth. Good luck!


What does swirling actually mean?

What does swirling actually mean?

Swirling dating is a phrase that is used to describe a relationship between 2 people of different ethnicities. It is commonly used in the African American community when a black person dates a white man or woman. The phrase isn’t strictly limited to black and white dating only.  It also applies when a black person dates a Latino or even Asian. So basically, like the swirl on an ice cream of different colors, swirling just means interracial dating.

In today’s culture, more and more singles are “getting their swirl on” if you would like to put it that way. As a matter of fact, more black women are doing it. People are embracing the culture of finding love despite race. And as the numbers of interracial couples increase so is the acceptance of mixed love.

mixed coupleIs swirling dating for everyone?

Yes and No.

Sadly, there are people who still see this type of dating as controversial. Couples do get harassed or are given harsh stares by those that still live with the “stone age mentality”.  However, all is not lost. Everyone is allowed to have their own dating preferences and choices. Plus, if your goal is to find someone who loves and respects you, then the ethnicity shouldn’t really matter. We cant choose whom we fall in love with or whom we are attracted to.

So why has swirling become important lately?

Interracial dating has its perks. People are being connected beyond ethnic borders hence promoting racial cohesion. Won’t it be nice to know that you are living in a world where we can all just get along? It’s a beautiful thing.

This kind of mixing of cultures is also a great learning experience. You get to enjoy different foods, music, and traditions in the process.

With the rise in interracial dating sites, this type of dating increases people’s dating pool. The chances of meeting the love of your life have increased. So you no longer have to limit yourself to men or women of your own race. Love comes in different colors these days.

How can you increase the chances of success?

Always approach dating with an open mind. It is meant to be fun. Don’t pay attention to people’s stereotypes about people of other races. Let your goal be to make meaningful connections with great individuals.

Don’t approach mixed dating as an experiment. Potential mates will read right through it and reject you. Always steer clear of making race comments about your mate.

Remember, for swirling dating to work, be with a person you can form a genuine connection with, real love and respect.

Finding a gay interracial partner

Finding a gay interracial partner

Interracial gay dating is becoming quite common these days. This according to 2010 census data by the Williams Institute.  This could be pegged on the fact that interracial dating has become a common practice in the USA. Plus, there is a general increase in acceptance of interracial relationships. It’s no longer a jaw-dropping scenario for many.

Going by the numbers in an article published in 2015 in The Guardian, a third of gay men are in interracial relationships. That is a pretty significant number. And apparently, the most likely group to end up in interracial gay dating is black men. This is largely due to the homophobia that exists in the Christian faith. So most gay black men prefer to be on the down low hence the tendency to date interracially.

white man black man

Being openly gay is not an easy thing. It carries some stigma with it. There are family, friends and the whole society to deal with. Being gay and in an interracial relationship is even much harder. You are like dealing with two discriminants. Besides facing the pressures because of sexuality, in such a scenario, there is also race to deal with. Luckily, people are becoming more accepting of both gay relationships and interracial relationships.

So where can one meet a gay interracial partner?

Dating sites have been connecting people for years now. And gay men and women aren’t an exception. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to meet someone. You could also hit some of the gay clubs or bars and see if you can meet that special someone.

A real connection is key. And this comes despite one’s race. Meeting that special person who can celebrate whatever ethnic group you come from is a great feeling. Hard as it might seem, there will always be someone out there who will see you as a person first and not your skin color.

Beware of being fetishized. If you meet a person who can describe who you are without any mention of you being a gay (insert race) man or woman, then that is a keeper. Feel free to love and date whoever you want without fear or guilt.

loving lesbian couple

There are countries where being gay can be frustrating or even dangerous. And much as the LGBT people still face some discrimination, generally we live in a country that is more progressive. And people are allowed to fight for their right to love whoever they choose.

Much as it may be a touchy issue, other countries need to be more tolerant and accepting of the LGBT community. They should let gay interracial couples exist in a relaxing environment as they enjoy loving one another without anxiety and stress.

Some couples actually get the wow factor for being in a gay interracial relationship. People get mesmerized by it and for being a couple that is bold enough to love one another by overcoming stigma and stereotypes. And that is how it should be. People shouldn’t view dating outside one’s race as having internalized race. Interracial gay dating should be seen as nothing but beautiful thing.