Can love survive a long distance relationship

Can a couple survive long distance love? Is it possible for a couple living on different continents or states make the relationship work?

In this age of online dating, anything is possible. Online connections are happening day in day out. And with such connections via the internet, you can’t really help or control the person who you click with.

There are so many couples who met online from different states and continents. They formed an online connection. Made an effort to meet each other eventually. And I believe once a couple makes an online connection, the offline bit is probably much easier. All that it takes is a commitment towards the relationship.

Then there are those who just got separated by work. Now in most cases, these couples are in committed relationships. So it’s not something you just bail on. They have to work at it.

What it takes for long distance love to work

The most important ingredient is love. A couple needs to be totally in love for it to last. Being faithful is very important. And I believe if you love someone, you will love them enough to remain faithful to them.

Communication is key. You need to be in constant communication with your spouse if you are to make it. Communication has a way of binding people together. Talk to each other every day and find out how the other person is doing. Share stories about how your day has been. Luckily, with all this technology, one can facetime or skype. So you can see your spouse and even if there is no touch, the connection will be maintained.

Another way to ensure long distance love works is making a concentrated effort to take turns to travel to each other. If this is left to just one person, they might start feeling like the other person is not putting in the work. Another way to be fair is to meet somewhere in between. You can always plan a holiday for yourselves. It doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. Just the fact that you will be together will make it all worth the while.


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