Finding a gay interracial partner

Interracial gay dating is becoming quite common these days. This according to 2010 census data by the Williams Institute.  This could be pegged on the fact that interracial dating has become a common practice in the USA. Plus, there is a general increase in acceptance of interracial relationships. It’s no longer a jaw-dropping scenario for many.

Going by the numbers in an article published in 2015 in The Guardian, a third of gay men are in interracial relationships. That is a pretty significant number. And apparently, the most likely group to end up in interracial gay dating is black men. This is largely due to the homophobia that exists in the Christian faith. So most gay black men prefer to be on the down low hence the tendency to date interracially.

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Being openly gay is not an easy thing. It carries some stigma with it. There are family, friends and the whole society to deal with. Being gay and in an interracial relationship is even much harder. You are like dealing with two discriminants. Besides facing the pressures because of sexuality, in such a scenario, there is also race to deal with. Luckily, people are becoming more accepting of both gay relationships and interracial relationships.

So where can one meet a gay interracial partner?

Dating sites have been connecting people for years now. And gay men and women aren’t an exception. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to meet someone. You could also hit some of the gay clubs or bars and see if you can meet that special someone.

A real connection is key. And this comes despite one’s race. Meeting that special person who can celebrate whatever ethnic group you come from is a great feeling. Hard as it might seem, there will always be someone out there who will see you as a person first and not your skin color.

Beware of being fetishized. If you meet a person who can describe who you are without any mention of you being a gay (insert race) man or woman, then that is a keeper. Feel free to love and date whoever you want without fear or guilt.

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There are countries where being gay can be frustrating or even dangerous. And much as the LGBT people still face some discrimination, generally we live in a country that is more progressive. And people are allowed to fight for their right to love whoever they choose.

Much as it may be a touchy issue, other countries need to be more tolerant and accepting of the LGBT community. They should let gay interracial couples exist in a relaxing environment as they enjoy loving one another without anxiety and stress.

Some couples actually get the wow factor for being in a gay interracial relationship. People get mesmerized by it and for being a couple that is bold enough to love one another by overcoming stigma and stereotypes. And that is how it should be. People shouldn’t view dating outside one’s race as having internalized race. Interracial gay dating should be seen as nothing but beautiful thing.




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