I love my best friend – what should I do?

I love my best friend

Most of the people are not sure about whether their feeling for their best friend is a good thing or bad, while some just panic with the thought of ruining the friendship because of their feeling.

Developing the feeling for a best friend is common, you have been together since years and talking to each other and sharing things on daily basis.

So now you have developed the feeling of love for your best friend, let’s discuss things to do next:

Make sure you are really in love

The biggest mistake that many youngsters do it they confuse their affection and loneliness with love. You are relying on your best friend for many things and maybe you are feeling a sexual spark, but you need to understand whether you are attracted to them on the psychological and emotional level as well?

Pick the right moment

We understand that you are getting an urge to express your feelings but stop! Picking the right time is very important to improve your success rate.

If they are dating someone then it would be unfair to sabotage their relationship and chances of getting ‘yes’ also gets low.

If your friend is going through a stressful situation that might be because of career or family, you should restrain your self from expressing your feeling.  

I love my best friend

Let them know about your feeling

Letting them know about your feeling in the right way is most essential. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t just spill the beans in the middle of the conversation. Wait for the right moment to come.
  • Hint them before you express, this will allow them to stay prepared mentally.
  • Don’t use the word ‘Love’, they might panic, Instead, start with ‘I am beginning to like you as more than a friend’ this statement will allow them the space to react.

Don’t hurry up.

As soon as you feel the desire to propose your best friend, don’t try to rush into a romantic relationship. Always let things happen at a gradual pace. You have been in a friendly relationship for years but you are new to the committed relationship and you both should give yourself some time to get into a serious and romantic relationship.

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