A few lies women may use on their first interracial date

Creating an impression on your dream man is not easy especially on your first interracial date since the stakes to keep your best in front are high. This leads to undue pressure on most women and they may sometimes under pressure lie about a few things which may be harmless but leave a bad taste if found out later. Men need not worry if they caught their woman lying on the first interracial date and can pass it away as something which happened under pressure. Men need to keep their sixth sense active and read her body signs while she is talking to sense if she really means whatever she is saying.

first dateShe may lie about her love for outdoors on the first interracial date

Girls especially the ones who have just been out of their teens or have not dated seriously so far, will lie about their love for outdoors. They may portray themselves as someone who loves to go out and explore the world. They may even sync their hobbies in a way which makes the man believe that they love exciting and adventurous activities outdoors. Chances are she is not really an outdoors person and is lying just to keep your attention.

She may lie about her appetite on the first interracial date

Girls and women love food. However they think their table manners on the first date are far more important than the hunger pangs they may be suffering. On the first interracial date a woman will surely tend to eat less than her normal appetite to give an impression of demure and conservative attitude. Girls love food however they will never show it on the first interracial date. If you are eating out make sure you order something delicious and in small quantity since she is not going to eat much.

Lying about drinking is normal

She may deny drinking at all. Chances are that she is not going to admit to her share of getting wasted at parties because of alcohol even if she admits to drinking at parties. The reason is the impression she is looking forward to build on you. Girls have an impression that guys don’t like girls who can’t handle their alcohol.

Dietary lies are far too common on first interracial dates

No woman will ever let you feel that she is conscious regarding her figure and give you an impression that she does not care about her diet. However the reality is that women tend to take very good care of their duet. They watch out for each calorie that is added to their body and try to remain in the best shape whether they are dating or not. On the first interracial date if the conversation goes in the way of dietary habits your woman is going to seem disinterested and give you an impression she does not care or watch out her diet.


3 thoughts on “A few lies women may use on their first interracial date

  • August 29, 2017 at 5:45 am

    EVERYone is lying about not eating much on the first date… All I really wanna do on dates is eat the free food (if he dont mind paying)

  • September 12, 2017 at 8:35 am

    and by handle their alcohol we mean a few drinks not a gallon of tequila, js

  • January 20, 2018 at 9:17 am

    LOL @ darrellikebarrel


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