Do people question your interracial dating choices?

Much as interracial dating has gained popularity, there are a few people who still question the intentions of couples who date interracially. They just don’t want to believe that the main reason behind this couples being together is purely for love.

Now, there are many questions that interracial couples are bombarded with, some that are quite annoying. All these are based on stereotypes and biases that society holds about interracial couples.

The status question:

There is this assumption that when a minority dates a white person, they are doing it in order to upgrade their status. This kind of thinking is so retrogressive. There are so many people who are very wealthy and they happened to fall in love with a white person. This doesn’t fly anymore.

self hateThe “Do you hate your race” question:

Some people are still stuck with the mentality that people who date interracially do it because they hate men and women of their own race. This is tied to the question: “You just couldn’t find someone from your own ethnicity?”. It is never like this. People just meet and fall genuinely in love. There is nothing wrong with a person dating someone simply because they clicked and they treat them well.

Dating interracially to have cute mixed babies.

This one is kind of tied to the one about hating one’s own race. The rationale people apply here is that one hates their own race so much so that they don’t want their children to look like them. So they marry interracially, specifically to get cute babies. Really? Mixed or not, if you are black or white, your kid will definitely pick some of the features that one has. They won’t be too different. It’s called genetics people.

asian woman

It must be a fetish.

Yes, there are some individuals who are inclined to dating people from a particular race. But does it really mean they fetishize them? I beg to differ. There are certain features that someone can be attracted to. And some races have very distinct features. An example is Asians. So if these features are what makes you tick, how is that a fetish? If you love women with silky blonde hair, you will definitely date a white person. It’s not always a fetish. The same reasons one might be attracted to a person of their own race are the same reasons that apply to interracial dating.


3 thoughts on “Do people question your interracial dating choices?

  • November 11, 2017 at 5:28 am

    It aint NOBODY’s business what relationship im into, except me and my partner… Mute out the world and just love each other!

  • January 21, 2018 at 11:42 pm

    Mixed kids are indeed cute af


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