Things to keep in mind when you are considering moving in together

Most couples at some point usually consider moving in together. Whether its after the wedding or it’s a come we stay affair, there are so many things to put into consideration.

One thing is, life isn’t going to be the same. You were an independent being then now its time to become co-dependent. Its a new chapter you are beginning. Its a big step too.

Disagreements are going to arise. Some will even be as petty as arguing over furniture and decor.

Now compromise is one of the virtues you need to nurture. Because without it, you might not be able to agree on anything or make important decisions as a couple. Well here are some of the factors that an interracial couple needs to consider before the big move.

1. Is the timing right for moving in together?

Timing is everything. So you don’t feel rushed by your partner to move in. You need to be ready as this is a major step. Both of you need to be prepared for this big move. Talk about it and make sure that both of you are in the same place.

2. Where will you live?

Now as a couple, you need to discuss who is moving in where. It usually pays off to look for a place that is neutral. Getting a new place together is the best option. Go view houses together. Things like proximity to work places will have to be discussed while making this decision. Sacrifices will have to be made.

3. Furniture and decor

couple arranging furniture

Whether you like it or not, this brings up a lot of disagreements especially if both of you had your own places. You will have to make tough decisions about what you keeping and what you will have to give up. Compromise is key.

4. Money issues

Now that you are moving in together, discuss how you are going to handle your finances. Who will pay what bills? Will you be pulling your money together? This is a very sensitive subject and it needs not be ignored when moving in together. Make sure you discuss this before hand.

Remember, so long as you openly talk about things, the move should be smooth. Good luck!


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