Tips for the Holidays with the In-laws

You never really win with your in-laws. No matter you much you love them, worse if you hate them – they can always leave you feeling uneasy and squeamish, especially when you are in their home for the holidays.

When you married your spouse, you also married his/her family, so they say. Thus, spending the holidays with them is just normal. But what do you do when you do not really get along with your spouse’s parents.

Family Christmas1.Prepare for the visit.

Every visit should be given a good plan. Especially, if you have kids then you need to pack for the travel – you need to list the hundreds of things you need to bring.

Think through why you were uneasy with your in –law, was it just imagination or you can really see that they didn’t like. If this is true plan on how to get along better with them.

If you are with your children, prepare materials for activities that you can engage them in while you are traveling or even during those dull moments in the in-laws’ house.

2. Be open to different opportunities to help out

You should prepare yourself to be the lead in the cooking of the meals and maybe an assistant also. You can always pitch in for the expenses for the food. After the festivities, it is always helpful if everyone helps out to decrease the stress of cleaning up the mess. Even the children can help.

3. Be sensitive to the tradition of the families.

For sure, you also have your own sets of tradition but make sure to respect the existing ones in the in-laws. You should not impose your value system. Allow them to act the way they wanted to be. You are married to such family and you are also part of their tradition (including your kids!). You should also orient the kids on what they can expect in coming to the in-laws’ house and they should be expecting when they are there. Teach kids to be respectful and mindful of their environment and the people around them. This is a good time to be teaching your children on how to interact with the relatives and you’re in-laws.

4. Have fun.

The holidays are for having fun with the families, in-laws or not. Things should be a breeze when you have prepared for it. Yet, you should also be ready and accept the inevitable things that come your way.






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    oooooooffffff….. scary time

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    very stressful indeed

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    This Was Much Needed For Now LOL


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